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There once was a time when people would not even use plastic cutlery on picnics, the time when plastic cutlery would be the most appropriate! This was because cutlery that was disposable wasn’t strong enough to actually do anything. The forks and knives would snap in two more often than not, and the ones that did not snap in two would find other ways to break. A broken knife or fork is not only annoying it’s also dangerous if a child is using said knife or fork. But over time, there have been more and more advances in the realm of disposable cutlery. Now many of the knives and forks on the market can be used not only during picnics but in every day life. Some of these brands of cutlery can even be rewashed and used over and over.

Plastic cutlery can be used in many different ways and in many different contexts. It is great for large dinner parties, when you would rather spend your time with your guests, rather than cleaning endless pieces of silver, before and after the party. Disposable cutlery is also appropriate for every day use, especially if you have small children. It saves time on cleaning, but at the same time, they can be cleaned and reused if you want to save money. They’re also good to store in your office or cubicle, in case of emergencies or for your every day noon meals. Clearly, this isn’t your mother’s plastic cutlery. There is a whole world of options available.

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