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Kitchenaid Cutlery

Kitchenaid Cutlery

For many people, Kitchenaid is the ultimate name in kitchenware and kitchen appliances. The Kitchenaid food process and stand-up mixer are two of the most coveted items for any kitchen, whether that kitchen houses a chef, a serious cook, an amateur cook, or a housewife. It is no surprise that Kitchenaid cutlery is just as coveted, desired, and highly reviewed. There are several different types of cutlery under the Kitchenaid brand: the Professional Series, the Professional Series Stainless Steel, the Cook’s Series, and the Carousel Sets. Each of these series has their own special and unique characteristics that make them great selections for any home, hotel, or restaurant kitchen.

The Kitchenaid Professional traditional block comes with sixteen knives for approximately one hundred and thirty dollars. These knives have silicone handles that are cushioned and non-slip, strong, durable blades with ultimate, ultra sharp edge, a grip for precision cutting, and the knives are available in red or black. The Kitchenaid Cook’s Series is slightly cheaper, at ninety-nine dollars, and the traditional block comes with sixteen pieces of cutlery. They feature ultra-sharp edges, proper balance and control with full tang construction, a comfortable grip, and rounded, soft-blade backs for ease of handling. They are only available in black. All of the knives can be bought individually if you are looking for a really good steak knife, a good butcher knife, or a good serrated knife, or a good pair of kitchen sheers. If is more cost effective to buy them all, but they are available individually at reasonable prices.

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