Chicago Cutlery
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Chicago Cutlery

For most of the latter half of the nineteenth century and the majority of the twentieth century, Chicago was one of the most important cattle cities in the nation. All of the cattle trails resolved in Chicago because that’s where the trains resolved. Once the cattle arrived in Chicago, they would be slaughtered in various slaughter yards, and then packed in a meat plant, and sent out to the rest of the nation. The slaughter yards were such an important and prominent part of Chicago that many of the businesses, buildings, and events in Chicago are directly linked to the cattle industry. Chicago Cutlery is no exception to this rule. It was originally founded in 1930, in response to the very high demand for sharp knives. Chicago Cutlery did not manufacture the knives at that point. Rather, they conditioned the knives, keeping them sharp and making them last longer. Butchers and packing plants needed their knives maintained, conditioned, and cared for on a regular basis, because a dull knife means a loss of time and money. But it didn’t take long to move from knife conditioning to knife manufacturing. By 1969, Chicago Cutlery had begun to manufacture knives for the meat and poultry industry in Chicago as well as the rest of the country. Now, eighty years after the founding of the company, Chicago Cutlery has become one of the most trusted names in knives.

Because these knives are so well known for their quality and innovation, they are both extremely popular, and possibly, expensive. If you are seeking one of these renown Chicago cutlery knives, or a set of knives for your kitchen, you should search around various stores and the Internet to find vendors that offer the knives at reduced prices or on sale. There are many online vendors that offer the knives at reduced prices. You should also do some research on the knives that you want, and figure out the sort of knives you need for the things that you regularly do. Are you a chef? Or do you just cook some meals at home? Do you regular butcher your own meat? Is there another reason you’re looking for a knife? Some simple research can help you figure out which type of knife you need, because they are not all created equal.

You may have also heard of Cutlery Corner as they continue to be another one of the industry leaders when it comes to provide people with top quality cutlery knives. When you purchase from Cutlery Corner you can do so with the confidence of knowing that you are getting top quality that you can count on.

In addition, countless people have also been able to get a great value from Frost Cutlery. This company continues to surprise people with their very strong blades such as their specialty line of steel cutlery which provides people with the ability to prepare a large variety of meals. Not only that, but they have a very nice selection of knives that can be used outside of the kitchen for some very convenient and dependable cutting.

Another company that has continued to provide people with nothing but premium cutting capabilities is Atlanta Cutlery. They are well known around the county for providing some of the absolute best quality kitchen cutlery. As part of this, they are well loved for their variety of knives as well, which many people credit to their ability to make a much greater variety of meals. Plus, these knives are also known to have some of the absolute best metals used in their designs for excellent dependability that you can truly count on.

Finally, Rada Cutlery also serves as a fine choice in the kitchen and beyond. Their cutlery sets continue to receive rave reviews for their quality, safety and service.

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